A big step forward...

It really got me think for a while... whether or not to post my crappy subway sketches I did today... Well, here you go.... When viewing other sketcher's sketchbooks, I felt so discourage as their drawings were amazing! One thing that I realized though, their sketchbooks were full of sketches! I believe if I spent more time drawing, I'll be one of them one day. Going to subway sketch is a big step forward towards my artistic journey.
Drawing in the subway was so challenging...
I have minimal time because people come and go...
and they don't remain in a same pose for long time...
besides, I was so afraid when people
caught me drawing them..=P

These were the people I saw in the subway today...
because of the limited time and my nervousness,
I only had their heads drawn =P
I know my sketch is soooo bad....
but I promise there are better ones coming up^^


  1. Seems like half of them were sleeping while you were drawing them. Don't worry, they do look good; most people can't do that on a moving subway.

  2. LOL... yes! that's much easier...=P
    Thank you for your compliment! your words were an encouragement to me... i will work even harder!

  3. Well not too hard I hope, cuz life is too short for that. lol

  4. yup, life is too short for being too stressful all the time.. well, doing things i like such as drawing make me feel calm and i don't feel alone whenever i draw..i actually enjoy it! =) thanks for your comment... your actually the first one who comments on my blog =P... lucky u...lol..i'm just joking..