Good Bye Workshop :(

When you are happy time flies so quickly. I can't believe that the workshop is already ended. This workshop changes my life. In such a short period of time, I've gained so much! I feel like I have drawn for years. I feel like I am a real artist with more confident now. 

Besides, I met 3 awesome professional artists from around the world: Sarita from Dubai, Oth from San Francisco, and Yves from Venezuela; they have inspired and helped me a lot during workshop.

In those days..... 

We worked hard and stayed up all night together, we played hard and had so much fun together. We had unforgettable memories together. When we got to say goodbye to each other, we felt so sad. I will miss them so much and I'm hoping for a reunion in the near future.

 These were sketches I got from Thierry, Bobby, Kei, Sarita, Yves & Oth!

My favourite wine with friends + teacher's names carved onto it.

I need to thank Imaginism Workshop for giving me an experience I have never had before! My life is different now =)