Repaint Acrylic Candy Sandree at Peter Chan's Art Studio

I'm so excited because I get to repaint Candy Sandree @Peter Chan's Art Class in Etobicoke. I've started this class since Mid-June this year. Since I've made up my mind to continue on pursuing my dream, no matter how busy my work schedule is, I will try not to miss a class. First of all, I need to thank Peter for being flexible with my class schedule as well as his awesome teaching skills + art techniques! I enjoy attending his class so much in spite of distance. I'm pretty sure I will manage to do both art and work together successfully. 

Repainting in progress - check out the picture on the left, did you notice the upper part of the chocolate looks way more delicious than the one at the bottom? Yum! And I love how the color of the sword turned out at the end! I will soon finish this painting and I will post a "before and after" picture of the painting. I can't wait to finish this painting and custom frame it!

Maximum 4 students per class - one on one teaching

Amazing paintings by Peter - Free art gallery admission every time I attend his class LOL